Camping Nr 197 Hotel Parkowy
Ul. Parkowa 3
82-200 Malbork
Tel. 0048 55-272-2413
Fax. 0048 55-272-3012

Very good camping and bungalow/chalet accommodation and cheap.

Hotel Dedal
Ul. Gen de Gaulle a 5
82-200 Malbork
Tel. 055-272=6850, 272 6851
Fax. 055 272-3137
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Very Soviet looking hotel a little bit out of town, but more than adequate. Basic accommodation, food and drink, but cheap !

Private Hotel
Ul. Polna 9
16-400 Suwalki

Approx. 20 miles from the Lithuanian/Polish Border. Excellent accommodation and food and drink. Owners speak very good English and are very accommodating. Accommodation is in chalets or in rooms in the house. Food is local and plentiful. Very cheap.