Those who take part in outdoor activities e.g. camping need to be aware of the risks of Lyme Disease, carried by ticks. The ticks can not stand being dried out so prefer shaded areas e.g. long grass, woods but can found in parks and gardens and even the short grass we would prefer for camping. For full details on this visit Lyme Disease Action.

Not exactly a camping tip but you may need this hand cleaner you didn't know you already have when travelling.

Looking for a good tent peg hammer; non-rusting, durable, slim to pack....

Even a small hot water bottle can make all the difference!

This is Jill's little hot water bottle she picked up in a pound shop in Buxton.

Easy to fill, somebody behind the bar will usually fill it for you at the end of the night

for you from the kettle but its just enough to get your feet warmed up in your

bag on a cold winters night.

hot water bottle

Is your stove a bit unstable on the long grass?