Copan, Honduras.

San Felipe
Baja Mexico

In memory of Steve Cawthorne a world traveller who sadly passed away whilst still doing what he loved, riding his bike.

Here you will find copies of some letters that Steve sent to Paul Mullis and a selection of photographs (kindly supplied by Steve’s family) of his tour through Alaska, Canada, North America, South America and Australia, from August 1990 to July 1993.

Peter Mallon;

Bob McNeil;

I had always harboured secret, romantic ideas of Greece, ever since reading translations of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey as a child. To sleep in the cradle of civilisation, to marvel at the mighty temples on the Acropolis, to walk in the footsteps of St. Paul where he preached on the Aeropagus – these were my dreams. With the FIM rally being held in the Peleponnese in 2008, I finally had my chance.


Reports on club camping weekends.

Stories of membest touring activities.

Reports on rallies attended and those small adventures resulting.

Those tales told in the pub after the tent is up, probably by the traditional roaring log fire.

Any others tales of travel thought to be of interest.