Ainsworth Hot Springs
British Columbia
1st Oct. 1990.

Dear All,

I left Gene’s place near Haines, Alaska on the 13th after spending all day smoking salmon in the smokehouse (not in cigarettes). Caught the Marine Highway 400m to Prince Rupert. It takes 1.5 days and calls at towns all the way down that have no roads to anywhere including the capital, Juneau. Unfortunately, it was late arriving because of fog on the way up so didn’t stay for the couple of hours at each place so we couldn’t go ashore. Got to Prince Rupert 6:30 pm Sat. just as it started to rain. Everybody said it could rain in Prince Rupert.

I left after my birthday, 10 days after I arrived as the weather was great but the forecast was for rain and winds coming in from the west for 3 or 4 days. I’m now 1100 miles away (Lands end to John O’Groats is about 900ish) 5 days later and today’s shower is the first rain I’ve seen. Camped beside a lake just near the hot springs where I had a 2-hour soak last night and going back tonight. There’s caves with waist deep water that gets hotter the further you go in. Outside you just lie in the various pools at different temps watching the stars etc. Seen enough glaciers (there’s another one here) and been very lucky with the weather. Heading into Idaho and Oregon soon.

Love Steve.