In memory of Steve Cawthorne a world traveller who sadly passed away whilst still doing what he loved, riding his bike.

Here you will find copies of some letters that Steve sent to Paul Mullis and a selection of photographs (kindly supplied by Steve’s family) of his tour through Alaska, Canada, North America, South America and Australia, from August 1990 to July 1993.

Special thanks to Christine Goodall (Steve’s Sister) for sorting out and lending me the original photographs and to the family for agreeing to this website.

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Apologies for any typo’s, spelling mistakes or real mistakes, this was originally done on an Amstrad (25 years ago) from the original letters. It was then scanned and converted to Word and in the meantime it’s got a bit messed up in places with double letters and extra punctuation, but I can’t get it any better without re-typing the whole lot, and I’m not doing that, sorry !




San Felipe, Baja, Mexico 10th January 1991

Copan, Honduras, 1st May 1991

A tent somewhere in South America, 18th September 1991

In a Hammock, Between two Trees, Outside a Bar, Middle of Nowhere, Nr Brazilian/Peruvian Border, 10th October 1991

Puerto Malorado, Peru, 13th October 1991

Cuzco, Peru, 19th October 1991

Puerto Mont, Chile, 20th November 1991

Beside a Lake, Opposite a Glacier, Nr Calafate, S.W.Argentina, 4th January 1992

Mendoza, Argentina, 26th February 1992

Asuncion, Paraguay, 28th March 1992

Daytona, Florida, USA, 14th June 1992

Silver Springs, Nevada, USA, 4th October 1992

A picnic table beside a road somewhere in Eastern Victoria, Australia, 2nd February 1993

Darwin, Australia, 10th July 1993


The following are letters that Steve sent back to his family.

Haines Junction, Yukon Territory, 19th August 1990

Middle of the woods, South of Haines, Alaska, 12th September 1990

Ainsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia, 1st October 1990

Clearlake, California, 19th October 1990

By the river, Kerriville, Texas, 11th November 1990

By the fire by the river, Near Coranada, Mississippi, 19th November 1990

On the beach, Southern California, 18th December 1990


Photographs from the tour - first batch

Photographs from the tour - second batch

Miscellaneous Photographs

Miscellaneous Rally Photographs from the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s

The next set of pictures are newspaper clippings I collected at the time.

Newspaper Clippings of Steves' Accident