After a damp run up to the weekend Friday afternoon was dry and early Saturday morning confirmed a change in the weather.

Last weekend it was a high 15c temperature, however this weekend it will be only manage 5c and its blowing a easterly wind from Russia,so more layers are called for on my Friday Trans-Pennie ride to the "Highlands of West Yorkshire" Which me saw riding after a early morning fresh snow fall in this part of the country.

Frosty camping and a warm pub.

14/07/99. Set of with Nick at 7am in the morning for the usual boring run from Home to Dover, with fuel stops only. Five and a half hours of bleary-eyed boredom later we meet up with John and Caroline at Dover docks, we are offered an earlier boat but decline this as we are meeting Barry on the other side at a set time, and decide to stick to the we arrive in Calais, who is sitting there?.. Barry. Who promptly lets us know that he crossed early, and has been in Calais for hours!

Falun - Sweden

The last time a FIM Rallye, the most prestigious event arranged within Federation Internationale Motocycliste, was held in Sweden was in 1984 in Jönköping. This rallye was said to be one of the best ever in the over 50 year history of FIM Rallyes.