The Add said, "Whether you are planning to camp on the coast, fly/ride for two weeks, or ride around the world, this is the event for you."
Well I have never ventured outside Europe and I may never do so, so was this event for me?

I found education and entertainment from a variety of travellers from old hands like Ted Simon to Stergios and Alexandra currently halfway round the world on a Vespa. Ian CoatesLawrence Bransby

Most of them had books for sale, get your signed copy here.P8270035

A crazy but insightful talk on documentary making by Austin Vince; talks on photography, writing and shipping your bike. Test rides from CCM, Honda and Triumph and trips led by the Oxford Trail Riders Fellowship.

On to a bike show like no other!P8260009P8260010P8260012P8260013

Looking further afield, tours to Transylvania and even to the Edge are on offer.Motoride TransylvaniaEdge Expeditions

Continental TyresThe man from Continental tyres was late for one of his scheduled slots, not due to a puncture as many suggested, he was just out enjoying a ride. Once rescheduled, a useful presentation and demonstration on tyre options and tyre changing with 'roadside' tools.

Clouds over stallsDiversion was provided by the occasional run for cover and Sunday afternoon developed a little madness with a slow race (which the electric bike did not win).

Slow RaceSlow Race
The Hill End Centre provided good camping locations with the facilities only stretched a little.


The catering maintained the world theme drawing on three continents, some carefully selected street food vendors, all top quality.

I even enjoyed the ride there and back, you just have to work on finding that interesting route to dodge the jams on the A303 and the likes of Swindon & Devises.