The 43rd Pilgrims Rally was once again a sterling success with great weather, a sell-out attendance, a brilliant band and a great turnout of members, as well as guests.

The story is shown here in pictures, but a few facts to add to that:


The theme of this year’s event (and celebrated on the T-shirts) was “Three Weddings and a Rally” as 6 of our members had got married during the year and we felt that we were owed a Stag and Hen party, which took place on Friday night. The game couples all dressed up and seem to enjoy the attention.

1,548 pints of real ale were consumed as well as 370 pints of Lager and 316 pints of cider. Plus wine and spirits (the whisky took a good knocking on Saturday night) Every attendee received a bottle of New Hall wine with a Mayflower label, a tote bag and a badge.

The raffle held on Saturday night raised £500 for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance.

The Trophy winners were:

Long Distance Overseas:               Siggi Harnau from Germany

Long Distance Male:                      George Ritchie from Scotland

Long Distance Female:                  Isabel Caunes from Germany

Best Bike:                                       Laverda 750SC owned by Tony Morrisey

Grot Bike:                                       Suzuki 1300 owned by Richard Lidstone-Scott

Congratulations to all. There is a story as to how Richards immaculate Hayabusa got the grot award but all I can say; is do not let your children influence the judge.

The new owners took a keen interest in our weekend and seemed to be happy with our conduct, cleanliness and laid back but business-like approach. There were some long queues for breakfast but this was due to a caterer letting us down at the last moment. We are looking for extra cover for next year.

Finally, thank you for all of the volunteers who built the site on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, then manned (or womanned) the various stations throughout the weekend, and finally cleaned up on Sunday morning. Everything was cleared by 1 pm on Sunday when Lucy came to lock up.