A brave collection of members attended the Ides of March rally despite the possibility of some 'light snow, maybe heavy in exposed places' according to the weatherman. Some people had to abandon bikes and tents as the road down the hill was so bad; walking to the train station to get home then coming back days later to collect stuff. Other’s stayed till the Monday despite the pub shutting in the afternoon. They trudged through the snow to the next village to get watered and fed then back for another night under canvas. Photos courtesy of Heather McGregor and John Wallis.


'John Wallis playing in the snow'
Heather McGregor....

'....Home safely from the Ides. We started out with an outfit and a solo but were warned the weather was going to deteriorate so on Saturday afternoon we took the solo home, which was only 20 or so miles. Why did we go back? Because that's what we do!

    The snow kept on falling, whipped up by a vicious cold wind. Lots chose to sleep in the event room of the pub but we went back to the tent which by now was a bit smaller as the snow had been blown in between the flysheet and the inner tent. A comfy warm night but noisy with the wind slapping the fabric.

    This morning the small road up to the pub was impassable at first but after a gritter had come up Sammy on his trike managed to get away, only getting stuck a couple of times. It was with difficulty we dropped the tent due to the cold, the snow and the wind. Ted managed to get the outfit off the car-park, which was on a steep slope, and away. We left a pub full of solo riders who were banking on staying in the pub for another night but that wasn't going to be an option as the landlord was closing it, no food no toilets or anything overnight. Sidecars rule!!

         Most solo riders left their bikes there and found other ways home. Some are still there, enjoying a curry in Slaithwaite and those on sidecars are safe and warm at home!

It was a great weekend, we were all in it together and were all well prepared for anything....'

Heather and Teds tent...snow between the inner and outer!
Ted's boots !!