Force10 01Nice and warm this year. Had some good chats and had a decent if muddy walk then assorted pubs were surveyed. Lots of reports of wet rides home suffering soggy gloves and hailstorms!

A heavy frost on Friday morning greeted the advance party at the back of the pub, but by the time everybody else turned up, a nice mild weekend was brewing. The car park was soon full and with tents pitched, the village welcomed its annual invasion.

The 43rd Pilgrims Rally was once again a sterling success with great weather, a sell-out attendance, a brilliant band and a great turnout of members, as well as guests.

The story is shown here in pictures, but a few facts to add to that:

...a nice 'spring' rally for the brave...


  The rally was very good…..the end.

  By Sy Ward

(…this ‘under 5’s’ version of the rally report

was requested by Dick who found my last rally

report too long to read. Tracey had to make him some

warm milk and take him for his afternoon nap before he

could finish it. The ‘adult’ long version is below……)