A good turnout, estimated at 60 for The Cock at Broom, famous for being 'The pub with no bar'.

camping field Magic Door In ThePubWithNoBar - Mick Cooper

The beer is served directly from the cellar this being only three steps down.

Despite the large numbers and being temporarily short staffed the pub delivered a good quality and quantity of beer, cider & food.

skittles at The Cock BroomNorthamptonshire skittles table

Many of us visited the Shuttleworth Collection some walked, guided there by an expert navigator of the footpaths.

Shuttleworth2The 200cc 1900 Singer Motor Wheel, a concept now returning with electric in-wheel motors.

Shuttleworth4The rare brick aircraft

On the return various routes were taken, some including a visit to Biggleswade.

porridgecamping in styleSome prefer the convenience of cardboard while others prefer to maintain the correct form, using china cups.