With the Friday forecast to be the best of a dismal bank holiday weekend some hardy souls set off, and were rewarded with a wonderful day's riding.


The last dying light of a sunny day before retiring to the pub.


 Reports have been received of an expensive visit to Altberg Boots and a Largerboy failing to learn despite the best efforts of friends.Larger Boy

OI000007 01Sunday and in the rush to leave somebody pulled the guy pegs early and had to hold the tent down.

Those that stayed were rewarded with some excellent weather (don't believe everything you read on the internet).OI000011 01OI000010 01

Out and about Ted spotted this front and selected a route to avoid the worst of it. Lunch stop at Kettlewell - snow still visible on the high ground and moments later hail arrived with the temperature dropping to 1.5' C

.OI000008 01OI000009 01

OI000012 01Two more arrive on Sunday and join the full-timers at the Bay Horse.