A classic late summer weekend - perfect camping - excellent pub.


2015 09 25 18.23.46The Lower Lode Inn usually attracts a good turnout with an impressive number

in place by mid Friday afternoon, some even arrived the day before.

2015 09 25 16.56.09







2015 09 26 08.15.28



A misty start to Saturday gave way to another sunny day, ideal for a ferry across

the river and a walk into Tewkesbury, a town with its own idea what an office block looks like!

2015 09 26 12.01.44 



The AGM went smoothly and efficiently as ever (no irony intended!). We even agreed the T-shirt colour without a long discussion or giving up and telling the committee to decide!
The evening then resumed the traditional Mayflower activities.

2015 09 26 18.28.26

2015 09 25 22.34.47