1st Virtual Mayflower Camping Weekend – Facebook date : 25th March 2020

Nobody really knows how she got the idea. Some say it was while watching the spring lambs with her morning cup of coffee. Some say it had something to do with a full bottle of ‘out of date’ Prosecco… either way, it was Elisabeth Knight who came up with the idea for a Mayflower Virtual Facebook camping weekend. Something the Facebook community could get involved with during the Covid-19 lockdown, something to distract us from the real world, something to involve what Mayflowers like to do…..drink!

Despite the gloomy weather forecast, we still had 37 members and a couple of guests attend the February camping weekend, on the outskirts of Yeovil. The Red House is a large country pub, with camping on-site and a bike riding landlord.

This year the May BH weekend saw the MayflowerMCC's first visit to a campsite in Watten.

For a couple of years now, a gang of members have been recommending the Nelson Head at Horsey as a camping weekend venue, and Nigel Green thought he had finally succeeded by nominating it as his Globe Trotter winners choice. However, he was told that he must choose a venue that we had used previously, so went for Eskdale in Cumbria. But when the committee met to plan this year, the pestering paid off and we chose the Nelson Head as well. And a good choice it was.

For all of those who no longer camp in the winter, the February camping weekend could have changed your mind. The temperatures for this beautiful weekend reached over 20 Celsius in some parts of the country, and we certainly enjoyed high teens. Apart from the freezing mist first thing in the morning that had most people running to the onsite hot showers, but some were still dressed in shorts and flipflops. In February!