1. Name:

The Club shall be called “The Mayflower Motorcycle Club'.


2. Aims and Objectives:  

The Club's aims shall be; to encourage the social, touring and rallying aspects of motorcycling and to assist in protecting the interests of motorcyclists by promoting courteous riding and behaviour whilst providing a social calendar for all members and guests.


3.  Organisation:

a) The Club activities shall be organised and managed by a Committee, comprising no less than five and no more than seven club members.

b) The Committee shall consist of the following posts;

 - Chairman,

- Secretary, 

- Treasurer. 

The remaining Committee members shall have no defined portfolio but shall be responsible for such functions as Magazine Copying and Distribution and the arrangement of Camping Weekends as directed by the Committee.

c) The Committee shall have the power to co-opt Club Members to fill any committee vacancies which may arise during the year.

d) The Committee may form Sub-Committees for special purposes and may co-opt up to three additional Club Members to support the Committee in these instances. Any Club Members so co-opted shall not have voting capacity on the Committee. 

e) The Quorum for a Committee meeting shall be four voting members.


4.  Committee:

a) The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club to be held during the months of September or October.

b) All Committee positions shall be for a period of one year, however, a committee member may present himself or herself for re-election.

c) The election to determine Committee Members shall be chaired by a Club Member, who has not been proposed for any positions on the committee and is not a retiring committee member, and shall be chosen by the retiring Committee prior to the A.G.M.

d) No person shall serve on the committee at the same time as a partner.


5. Membership:

a) Membership of the Club shall, in principle, be restricted to active motorcyclists but the Committee shall be allowed to exercise discretion in this respect.

b) No discrimination shall be made between riders and pillions or size of machine.

ci) New applications for membership shall only be considered on receipt of a signed application form accompanied by the appropriate annual subscription.

cii) New applicants shall be sponsored by two Club Members and the application shall be considered by the Committee before acceptance.

d) New applications for membership shall not be considered during the months of August and September.

e) Where an application for membership is refused by the Committee, the Club Members sponsoring the applicant shall be informed of the reason by the Secretary and the fee paid in accordance with sub-clause 5ci) shall be promptly refunded in full.

f) Honorary membership may be conferred after due consideration and election at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.

g) Guests who attend more than four closed club events in a continuous twelve-month period shall be invited to apply for membership of the club.


6. Meetings:

a) The outgoing Chairman's Report and the Treasurer's Statement of Accounts for the previous year will be presented at the A.G.M.

b) The appointment of an auditor, who shall not be a retiring, incumbent or newly elected Committee Member shall also take place at the A.G.M.

c) The date of the A.G.M., or E.G.M., shall be notified to the Club Members not less than 35 days prior to the meeting by way of the Club Magazine 'Pilgrims Papers'.

d) Any Club Member wishing to include any matters on the A.G.M. agenda shall notify the Secretary in writing not less than 21 days prior to the meeting.

e) An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by direction of the Committee or upon written request to the Secretary of not less than 15 members of the Club.

f) The Committee shall use their best endeavours to ensure that the location and date of an A.G.M. or E.G.M. is both reasonable and appropriate to the Club members and not less than 35 days notice is given the club members of either meeting.

g) At all General Meetings, a Quorum shall consist of not less than 25 Club Members.


7. Finance:

a) The Club's financial year shall run from 1st April to 31st March each year.

b) The Treasurer shall have available to Club members, not less than 7 days prior to the A.G.M., a signed statement of accounts for the previous financial year.


8. Subscriptions:

a) The Club's membership year shall run from 1st October to 30th September each year.

b) Club members wishing to renew their membership shall be required to do so during the months of October and November following expiry.

c) Club members who have not renewed their membership by the end of November shall be required to re-apply for membership as Section 5ci).

d) Only fully-paid up members shall be entitled to all the benefits of Club Membership. 

e) No refund of subscription shall be made to any member resigning from the Club.


9. Fees:

a) The scale of membership fees shall be as proposed from time to time by the committee and ratified at the next A.G.M.

b) The Committee shall be empowered to levy a fee for camping weekends or meetings as appropriate.


10. Misdemeanours:

a) The Committee shall have the power, after due inquiry, to suspend or expel from membership of the Club any member whose conduct in any respect makes it desirable, in the interests of the Club, that such action be taken, subject to sub-clause 10b).

b) Any member who is the subject of such intended suspension or expulsion shall be offered a hearing before a meeting of the full Committee and will have the opportunity to nominate up to two other Club members to also attend and speak on that member's behalf.


11. Affiliation

In support of the Aims and Objectives, the Club shall be affiliated to the British Motorcyclists Federation and the Motorcycle Action Group.


12. Interpretation

a) Application for membership implies acceptance of these Rules and members shall hold themselves honour bound to abide by these Rules and to accept the decision of the Committee in any cases of dispute or disagreement.

b) The word 'member' as used in this Constitution and Rules is considered to be applicable to a fully paid up member of the Mayflower Motorcycle Club.


13. General

a) On acceptance of application, all new members will receive a copy of this Constitution and Rules and an up to date list of Committee members. Further copies of the Constitution and Rules and list of Committee members shall be provided by the Secretary to members upon request, but not more than once in any club financial year. 

b) No alteration or addition shall be made to this document except at a General Meeting of the Club.

c) In the event of the demise of the Mayflower Motorcycle Club all funds and stock will automatically go to the British Motorcyclists Federation.