If you are interested in becoming a member of the Mayflower, come along and see us at a camping weekend, see what we're like and if our kind of motorcycling suits you, then fill in a Membership Form, get a couple of current club members as sponsors and join in the fun. Details of camping weekends can be obtained from Jill Ward or Paula Fidge. Drop either of these an e-mail and they'll send you some details of where a camping weekend is and you can come along and meet us.
We usually like new members (that aren't known to the club at all) to come along to two or three weekends to get to know us. If both sides fit the bill then great, but if not then it saves the committee some work and the prospective member some money. Once you have been to a camping weekend or two you can fill in the membership form and give it to our illustrious Treasurer, Radar (Dave Day) or send it to the address on the form or by e-mail to David Day. Then you're a member! We don't bite, we're quite friendly, you can ride anything you like, any cc, any manufacturer, male or female, black, white or pink, we have no prejudices of any sort. All we ask is that you respect us as we respect you.
Around 80% of the 200 members attend at least one club event a year and that's not bad going. If you like the idea of travelling to various rallies, camping weekends and touring foreign countries then we're the club for you. If, however, this isn't what you want, then you don't have to waste your time and money by joining and paying membership fees for something that doesn't suit you.
If you want to join a club where membership means riding your motorcycle more than the regulation 20 miles on a Sunday, then don't hold back, join us now!

The Committee, Mayflower Motor Cycle Club

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