Who are we?

The Mayflower Motorcycle Club is a national club with a local feel - we are renowned for being a very sociable touring club with a wide range of members across the country - the focus being that it doesn't matter what motorcycle you own as long as you ride it.

The Club organises a full social calendar, including the long-standing Pilgrims Rally and monthly camping weekends held in different parts of the country and abroad. A pre-requisite for these events is a real ale pub with good food. The club likes to camp in interesting parts of the country where members can enjoy a decent ride and have somewhere to look around during the course of the weekend. These camping weekends are regularly attended by 40 percent of the club's membership.

In addition, the club attends rallies all over Europe, including events organised by the FIM,

Over the course of the year, some 80% of the club's 180+ membership attend a club event, which reflects the enthusiasm of its members and may surprise some of the larger local, national and one-make clubs.

 Tent lights or lamps  - Just how much stuff do you need to take camping ?


Over the years we have used and tried all sorts of things to light the tent; from massive lanterns runnig off 4x or more 'D' cells to 'Snap Light' glow sticks to simply not bothering and just using the head torch. That was untill we found this. (To be honest we actually had the eariler model  to this which didnt have the rechargeble battey
in it; that simply took 3x AA batteries and was slightly smaller diameter - a good lamp in its self) .

This has a built in rechargable battery  together with a USB socket so you can use it as a power brick to charge your phone. Thats the reason we bought it.
No more carrying multiple things. A full charge (4 blue indicator lights on the back) is more than enough to light the tent for a long weekend, charge a smart phone and charge the intercom on the helmet. Its easily hooked up in the tent or simply just sat on the floor. It has 3x brightness levels and a 'flashy' SOS mode if you want a disco in you tent ! - You charge it from a normal USB phone charger and it takes about 2 - 3 hrs from being fully flat.
So far its not let us down after multiple charging cycles and (using the low mode) gives a nice soft light to get yourself settled in your little tent.  There is an orange version too if you dont fancy the green.